Morales  Roofing  is a full-service residential and commercial contractor that has been providing exceptional roofing and roof repair . Whether you’re looking for asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile, waterproofing or anything in between, our skilled team of professionals deliver quality craftsmanship and 100% satisfaction. If you’re searching for a Amarillo roofing contractor, schedule your free estimate today!

100% Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteed on Every Project. The quality of our roofing craftsmanship is second only to our outstanding level of customer service. And our commitment to excellence is incorporated into every aspect of the business, including using superior products and guaranteeing excellent service.

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Residential Roofing

Above All, a Great Roof
From composition shingles to clay tiles, a properly planned and installed roof can enhance the beauty of your home while protecting your family and property. No matter what style of residential roofing materials you choose, we’re committed to installing a high quality roof that lasts. Morales Roofing offers products for both steep slope roofs and flat or low slope roofs that will best fit your needs. with a 30-year to lifetime warranties offered by most of our manufacturers for all roofing materials.

New Home Roofing or Home Roof Repair?
Morales Roofing can help you with the decision between installing a whole new home roof or simply have some residential roof repair done, for a short term solution. Our professional roofers can make a much needed home roof repair for you but then also provide you with a cost free estimate for a new home roof replacement.

From the overall experience, to the finest details, we’re focused on adding value for our customers in many ways. call us today to put Morales Roofing to work for you.

Commercial Roofing

When selecting a reliable commercial roofing contractor, the first thing you will be told is that when it comes to installing the right roof for a commercial building, durability and efficiency are of utmost importance. We offer the latest in low slope  systems that are designed to optimize your investment and conserve energy.
Morales Roofing Company offers a comprehensive commercial roof inspection and roofing maintenance program for all commercial buildings. We provide prompt, certified, accurate and detailed reports along with photos documenting the existing conditions of your building’s roof.  



*Find a roofing contractor with years of experience in the Texas Panhandle.

Ask for references, A great roofer should have a long list of happy customers who will be glad to talk to you about their experience.


*Find a roofing contractor who will call you back — a company that cares about customer service!

This is the simplest test — Can you get a roofing contractor on the phone? Will they call you back? Do they show up on time for appointments? If a roofer doesn’t call you back when you want to give them money, do you think they’ll show up after you’ve already signed a contract?


*Avoid shady, fly-by-night roofing contractors

This may seem obvious, but every year we hear the same story after severe storms: disreputable out-of-state roofing contractors swoop in after a storm to prey on folks who think they’re dealing with local roofing contractors — Amarillo folks who fell for these out-of-state companies tell us the same sad story again and again.

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Roofing Types

Asphalt Composition Shingles

  • Materials: Made of either an organic paper fiber mat (better for cold weather and wind resistance) or fiberglass (more fire and moisture resistant) impregnated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules.

  • Appearance: Available in traditional 3-tab shingles or thicker laminated “architectural” shingles.

  • Eco-Friendly: Petroleum based product that’s not eco-friendly. Can be recycled, though often taken to landfills.

  • Weight: Moderate in weight.

  • Slope: Can be used on fairly low to steeper sloped roofs.

  • Fire & Wind: Good fire resistance, fair wind resistance.

  • Cost: Inexpensive to moderate.


  • Materials: May be composed of steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc alloy. Steel roofs come with either a zinc coating or painted finish. Copper roofs are installed unfinished and acquire a protective green patina with age.

  • Appearance: Available in sheets or in shingles that resemble other materials. Can be installed with the fasteners hidden (standing seam) or exposed.

  • Eco-Friendly: May be made from recycled materials and can be recycled when replaced. Absorb a third less heat than asphalt.

  • Weight: Lightweight.

  • Slope: Available for low or steep sloped roofs.

  • Fire & Wind: Good resistance to both fire and wind.

  • Cost: Moderate (steel) to expensive (copper).

Wood Singles and Shakes

  • Materials: Commonly made of cedar, but can also be made of other rot resistant woods, such as redwood.

  • Appearance: Gives natural look, weathers to a silvery gray. Available in sawn shingles or thicker split shakes.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural materials.

  • Weight: Moderate in weight.

  • Slope: Can be used on moderate to steep sloped roofs.

  • Fire & Wind: Good wind resistance, poor fire resistance (can be treated with a fire retardant).

  • Cost: Moderate.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular and common roofing material. Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular type of residential roofing product for sloped roofs. Asphalt shingles are very economical and are available in a wide-range of styles and colors. Most asphalt shingles are made with a reinforced fiberglass mat covered with adhesive asphalt and ceramic granules. The cost of an asphalt shingle roof can vary considerably depending upon the style, durability and warranty of the shingle. Premium asphalt shingles are usually heavier, will last longer, and are more wind resistant than less expensive asphalt shingles. Manufacturer’s warranties on asphalt shingles range from 25 years to lifetime material warranties. We welcome the opportunity to show you samples of the many styles of asphalt shingles that are available from the leading manufacturers in the nation. We are experts at roofing installation and roofing repair for asphalt shingles on roofs.

About us

Morales Roofing is a family owned and operated business that has actually been working in the Amarillo Area for over 25 years now. Morales Roofing has been licensed, bonded, and insured since 2010, however, the family and its crew has worked as a subcontractor for a few select companies in the Amarillo area over the last 20 years. Morales Roofing has experience in both commercial & residential roofing. Our specialty is that we have the expertise for all types of commercial roofing. We do new construction, re-roof, leaks & repairs. Morales Roofing does anything from composition, metal, tile, clay, shake, and cedar, to low slope, flat roofing, modified bitumen, asphalt, tar, and mop roofing.

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